What not to do when house hunting

Here are some practical real estate tips when you are searching for that new home:

Don’t go by yourself and let your realtor do the work

It is not a safe thing to do to pick your phone up, contact the seller, and visiting the property by yourself. You might just end up looking at several properties that do not really fit your finances. If you go alone, the seller will have an impression that he has the bargaining power since you do not have a professional to help you out. Let your realtor research the property you want to check into.

Do not rush

Take your time when checking out houses. You can linger when you think you like the place and know all the details that you want to know about the property.

Use one car when doing a property tour

Meet up with your realtor and use one car when visiting target properties. This way no one will be lost, you can have enough time to go around the houses, and you will be able to give feedback to your realtor so the search can be trimmed down on your ideal home.

Say anything to your realtor

Your real estate agent will be showing you different houses and not his or her own house. If you like a certain property then that is great but if you do not like some houses then you can tell them straight. Do not be afraid to voice out since you will not offend them at all. You need to tell them any concern that you have in mind and this way you will have a better communication with your realtor.

No trash talking

Hold your trash talk when doing a tour around a property. The seller might say they will step out so you can discuss things with your realtor but in fact most of the time, the seller is just nearby to listen to the things you say. Bad mouthing might have you on an uphill battle in case there are multiple offers for the house that you like.

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