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With the economy being what it is, especially in terms of the housing market, a lot of real estate agents are looking for different ways to pull in business — successful business.  Ideally, the solution is the kind of marketing plan which does not take a lot of time or money but which will be surprisingly effective.

Direct marketing campaigns are a logical choice, one many companies of all different types utilize.  Just the other month, I got a personalized postcard wishing me a happy birthday from my car insurance agents.  Though I recognized it for what it was — an attempt to endear them to me, so that I stick with the company — it still made me feel special.  It was supposed to.

Doing that with people you have worked with in some capacity can make you stand out.  A personalized touch every so often will not only make people more accepting of and open to any business mail you send out, they will ultimately want to turn to you any time they are ready to buy, sell, rent, or lease.  And these days, you can save money by institution a direct mailing campaign through email.


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